In 1945, Our ancestors ventured into raw hides trading in the city of Azamgarh. It was a small scale business and within a short period they were able to establish trust.


In 1972, New Light Tannery sailed its first export consignment to Iran consisting of VT Leather sole.


In 1990, NLT successfully ventured into different fields of tanning, specifically in the Chrome Tanning.
In the mid 90’s, NLT successfully ventured into the Footwear Industry.


In late 2010, NLF ventured into manufacturing of Leather accessories, specifically Equestrian Products.


In 2015, Marjane diversified its business in a2 Dairy as demand occured from the market.


In early 2022 Marjane, started trading of Rice, Cereals & Pulses.


In 1958, the pioneers migrated to the top industrial city of India, Kanpur, situated on the bank of the river Ganges and popularly known as Manchester of North India. They moved up the value chain from rawhide trading to processing.


In 1980, NLT established an overseas presence in Italy and Saudi Arabia and also started manufacturing Harness Leather, Banwar and micro rubber sheets.


In early 2000, foreseeing demands in the European market, NLT introduced a new product into its product basket–Upholstery Leather.


In 2013, NLF was rebranded as Marjane to accommodate new businesses and the third generation of the family.


In 2017, Marjane started manufacturing and trading of small range of leather products, e.g. Belts, Gloves etc.


In 1962, they successfully established a leather tannery New Light Tannery (NLT) specializing in vegetable tanning.


In 1984, New Light Tannery was incorporated as New Light Tannery Private Limited (company) with the Registrar of Companies in India.


In 2003, a new entity was carved out of NLT called New Light Leather Finishers (NLF Group) specializing in Finished Leather, Upholstery, Footwear and allied leather products.


Since 2014, Marjane has established a business presence in bag manufacturing.


Since 2018 Marjane has been trading Indian origin Granite & Marble.


In early 2022 Marjane, preparing itself to start export of Beef, Mutton and Fish (of freshwater)

In 1945, Initiative of the business ‘ raw hides trading’ in the city of Azamgarh took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh India. It was the small scale business in a short time developed and extended.
In 1958, the pioneers migrated to esteemed industrial area of the city Kanpur, situated on the bank of the river Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) India. Further moved forward and started raw hide trading on a big scale and soon diversified into the processing.

In the fall of 1962, we succeeded in establishing a tannery named New Light Tannery soon it was incorporated in registrar of companies as New Light Tannery Pvt. Ltd. Then it was completely diversified into the vegetable tanning in 1964.

Slowly as the business matured and products quality standardized as per international market. In 1972 company sailed it’s first export consignment to Iran and later company had agents in Italy and overseas office in Arabia (KSA).

Manufacturing VT Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Banwar and in besides micro rubber sheet. In 1980, At the very out-set the Company was well known as New Light Tannery Pvt. Ltd. Which entered in different field of Leather specifically in Chrome Tanning.

In the mid of 1980s, Company was selling it’s products under the brand name of “NLF”,“Qutub”& “Minarah”. NLT strive hard to remain its reputed name and to meet the expanded demand of the days. company introduced one more wing known as New Light Leather Finishers. Simultaneously company was successfully involved in manufacturing of V.T. Sole, Banwar, Harness and Shoe Upper Leather.

During the period of 1980 to 2000, company got strong hold in domestic and international markets, so easily entered in some other fields also like Shoe manufacturing, Upholstery etc. And later company also entered in other fields including Food, FMCG, IT, Construction & in the industry of Dietary Supplements.

Year 2013, 3rd generation came into exist and expanded the business to its height and give a new look and standardize accordingly to their experiences and explorations. Now “MARJANE” is used as brand name of Company. Currently there are several sister concern companies operational under the Marjane.

Marjane has overseas offices & agents including African, European and American continents.

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