Corporate Social Responsibility

Marjane as a company is socially responsible towards the society and accountable itself. Under the Corporate Social Responsibility, we provide primary education to the under privileged and marginalized section of the society. We also take care of their primary health by providing nutritious meals to pregnant and lactating women.

Marjane is focusing on Education, because it is our Religious, Social & Moral responsibility.
The difference between animals and humans is “Educated” otherwise humans are more bigger animals then animals.
Marjane providing syllabus, morals, manners to the people and designing new trend of education.

Marjane is always focused for health of people.
Continuos working for a batter health and save lives from all types of disease before it’s too late.
Marjane works under the slogan of “Precaution is always batter then cause”

Today worldwide people are divided into two parts,

I) Religious follower of religion (they believe in Eshwar/God/Allah).
II) Atheist, (they don’t believe in God, every thing is happening it selves) and both type of people are on their extreme level.

Let’s talk about 1st type of people Religious.

Generally people don’t know even a single word of the religion but unfortunately in case of religion every one is religious and accepted by people and society.

It’s a tragedy, when we don’t accept any “DRIVER” without having proper knowledge of driving then how can we consider ourselves follower of religion and how can we consider ourselves as heavenly without having any proper knowledge of books.

  • Are we not doing activities like illiterate people or society?
  • Blindly following what seen in society.
  • Blindly following our Parents, Pandits, Preachers, Fathers, Popes, Rabbis, Ulama, Maulvi, Maulana, Imam etc. without any justification or reason?
  • Blindly following what are done by our ancestors.


No body gone through the books of their religion and without the proper knowledge of book, you can’t go on straight path it will lead you to astray only.

Can a Dr.’s son acceptable in society as doctor without doing study of Medicine?

Stop….Think…Gather Knowledge…..then Go

Let’s take world major religion’s basic teachings and then analysis between the believe of book and believe of us.

Are we really follower of religion or following the desires, society, parents, ancestors or religious contractors . Going towards Hell or Heaven?

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