Safety Shoes

A world class Safety Footwear.
Marjane deals in various type of safety footwear, according to its use and technology made by. Marjane has experience of years in the field of manufacturing and export. Our operational center is in the Indian city Kanpur which is one of the world’s best & largest producers of safety footwear leather and related products.

Today Marjane manufacturing safety footwear with different technologies

  • Direct Injection Process (DIP) with DESMA, PU | PU/PU | PU/TPU | TPU/TPU
  • Pouring Process, PU | PU/PU
  • Stick-on / Cemented Process | PU | TPR | RUBBER | RUBBER/PU | RUBBER/TPR
  • Vulcanization Process, Nitrile Rubber (for high temperature)
  • Safety Shoe Uppers
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