Agro Products

Marjane is not just a company having some food products. Marjane is much differ to others, has strict laws to ensure the quality and safety for consumers health.
Marjane supply a range of Premium Quality Whole & Ground Indian Spices, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Cereals & Other Agri food products in its PUREST form.
In the laws of Marjane purest form means not what is coming for farm lands. But purest form means Natural/Indigenous/Local seeds only, clean and remove impurities and process by natural methods is the purest form of agri food.
Hybrid and GMO is strictly out of our policy.
From procurement to packaging complete process is in absolute under control of Marjane’s staff.

Our every packet is a unique packet of taste and health.

Trust Marjane Once.




Black Gram



Sunflower Seeds

Ground Nuts

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