Caring For The Environment

MARJANE is a multi-stakeholder, taking initiative concerning brands, suppliers, manufacturers, and end users. It uses a self-made audit protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of all industrial works and promotes sustainable environmental business practices in all fields of industrial and non-industrial business segments, related to us. We at Marjane focus on each and every act which affects the environment and take serious action on that.

For example, for local delivery/receiving of consignment/goods, we prefer animal (horse) carts. For long distances, we prefer CNG-based mini trucks. For very long distances within the country, we prefer goods trains and for exporting consignments we prefer trucks or trailers for timely delivery. 

Here at Marjane we avoid using polyethylene or polythene (plastic) for packaging, except on the demand of clients, as it is one of the most hazardous products on earth which we are using in our daily life. Dr. Wazahat Hussain Pro. Botany at Aligarh Muslim University says that the current extinction of birds and other animals is the result of human activity, specifically over the past century.
He describes that “Plastic is one of the major reasons for the disappearing of animals” he further gives reason “Animals having the strongest digestion system are the first that began to disappear from the earth, and then the ones having second best digestion system” Why? “He says that strong digestion systems digest everything that the animal eats. When plastic reaches the stomach then it is also digested and leaves its effect in the body. The first effect of plastic in the body is it reduces the fertility rate (reproduction) and stops the growth of egg/baby”. As he said, animals having the strongest digestion system will die first then after those will die who have the second best digestion system and then after those will die who have the third best digestion system and this is the category where Humans belong

 Tanning Division

We are again promoting Vegetable Tanning (CHEMICAL FREE TANNING)  Alternative tanning methods exist – after all, leather was produced for centuries without heavy chemicals.



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