Granite & Marbles

India has one of the world largest & finest quality Stones & Marbles deposits in Northern and Southern region. In the year 2017 when Marjane expanded business to Africa, customer demanded for Stones and Marbles. Since that time Marjane started dealing in stones and marbles. Now Marjane has variety of Stones & Marbles with different natural shades.
Water jet cutting designs are also available.

To supply best quality products to customers, Marjane collaborates with local vendors who are equipped with modern and international standards technology Gantry, Gangsaw, Block Cutter, Resin Line, Polish Line, Bridge Cutter etc.

The Marjane has become trust-worthy entity in the market due to the superior attributes of its products. Marjane is strongly committed for the quality packing and timely delivery. Marjane has built up a solid reputation by supplying fine and high quality Granite, Marble and other Natural Stones to renowned international markets around the world.

Product Specification:-


Well Dresses blocks in Gangsaw & Cutter sizes.


In thickness 2cm, 3cm, in Polished, Honed, Antique finish, Sandblasted, bush hammered, river finish water, blasted Flamed etc. In size (Centimeters) 240 X 120cm & above or in any desired thickness / sizes


Polished Marble Tiles well calibrated chamfered & backgrooved with perfect 90 degree in sizes (Centimeters) 305 X 305, 400 X 400, 457 X 457, 305 X 610, in thickness (mm) 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 30 mm or in any desire thickness/ size

Cut To Size

Marble & Granite stone available in sizes (centimeters) 30X30, 40 X 40, 40X60, 60X60cms in thickness (mm) 18, 20, 30mm or in any desired thickness/size.
  • Marble Slabs in different sizes
  • Polished & Unpolished Slabs
  • Cut Pecs
  • Wall Stones
  • Slabs with design cuttings.



Sand Stone

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