Fresh Fruits

Marjane have a aim to promote seasonal and regional fruits which is wealth of it’s region and health of many consumers.

Marjane do not believe Hybrid or Genetically Modified Fruits or Packed fruits juices, all those are damaging the health of Humans as well as As animals (birds & insects pollinators).

Marjane Uganda has tie up with a local trust/organization having 2000 acres of land with 2km long border on the shore of Lake Nnalubaale / Victoria (Mother of river Nile), in which Avocado, Passion Fruit, Chilly, are being growing for export.
Non-Hybrid very tasty and sweetish bananas from the pearl of Africa (Uganda) are also exporting. Do you want?

Marjane India also promoting Indian mangoes, one of the world’s best mango.

In the list of Marjane Guava has a special places, because it is as natural as 1000 years back, no pesticide, no fertilizer, no chemical is used.

Fruits are packed in a quality packaging material so that they stay fresh for a long period of time.

In addition, Fruits are available in customized packaging at affordable rates.

We offer great value with our products and services. Introducing innovative ideas in sourcing and exporting.

Supported by a talented, hardworking human resource. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we have been offering world class products at the most competitive prices. We are consistently working towards empowering our employees with excellent skills.

Marjane already harvesting Mangoes, Guava, Avocado, Passion Fruits Banana under his supervision.

Available Fruits
Passion Fruits
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