Animal Protein

Marjane aims to serve Halal & Tayyib meat in maximum plates. That’s the only reason Marjane’s price are the most competitive.

It is the responsibility of all of us to manage and serve this, God’s gift to every one to fulfill their daily need of nutrition in the form of meat.

It is one of the most precious gift from God to mankind, which is wealth of it’s region and health of many who consume. We must not seize it for a group of people, as today millions of people can not think about to eat. Make it cheaper enough to be afforded by everyone, even a person who earns € 1.00 a day. To achieve this goal we have to maximize our farming size by 3-4 times of happy animals. Second in every home there should be some animals.

Marjane does not believe in lab-grown meat, no one is awaire about it’s impact on our health in near or far future.

Marjane also does not believe in genetically engineered animals, like as, Chicken, Some types of fishes etc. A span of time have been passed since people started eating, now It’s starting to look horrible & dangerous effects on life & health.

Marjane supply Natural, Tasty, High Quality Mutton, Beef, Fish & Hen/Roosters.
Marjane Uganda has tie up with a local trust/organization having 2000 acres of land with 2km long border on the shore of Lake Nnalubaale / Victoria (Mother of river Nile), in which breeding the Goats of local breeds for the export of mutton “one of the most tastiest mutton in the world is from Pearl of Africa ‘Uganda’ and an Indian breed of goat called Barbari, it’s taste is much similar to deer.

Do you want?

Marjane India also promoting Indian Local breeds of Buffaloes, Goats and fishes.
In the list of Marjane

Buffaloes Breeds, all Goat Breeds ‘Barbari & Jamna-Pari’. Barbari’s taste is much similar to deer.

Fish Breeds ‘Catfish, Rehu, Padin, Katla, Tegan, Ritha etc. All are originally found in the reserve of fresh waters like, Rivers, Lacks, Ponds etc. It’s the Nature’s wealth and taste of fresh water.

These are the specialities from the Land of India and Sub continents . All breeds are in it’s purest form.

High quality packaging food grade materials are use to pack and customized packing also available in affordable price.

We offer great value with our products and services. Introducing innovative ideas in sourcing and exporting.

Supported by a talented, hardworking human resource. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, we have been offering world class products at the most competitive prices. We are consistently working towards empowering our employees with excellent skills.

Marjane has a vision to start a multilevel farming on big scale to supply our consumers in most competitive price.

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